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Hello Everyone,
I'm Bilva Vedamurthy, founder  & president of Arts Saving Hearts, from California.

Origin (2020)

Ever since we went to COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 March, I had a lot of spare time as I missed going to school. I used to burn time playing video games out of pure boredom. I started to think on why I missed school and why I’m bored? I realized learning something new and helping people made me happy so thought there must be many more students and adults alike who must be willing to learn and help but weren't sure how. I thought art is boundary-less, there is always something new and creative about art not just limiting to painting. I started involving student artists and their talents to showcase them for fundraising. Initially, I created a website to start my first fundraising project to give back to the community. On this website, artists can contribute their art and sell it. 100% of the profit goes to helping people globally. The message quickly reached the communities, and I started receiving art pieces from school students, art teachers, and professional artists around the Bay Area. I worked with multiple foundations to help Covid-19 victims. What started as a fundraiser has turned into a community to help those in need.


Now, this NPO isn't just about art, we are now focused on developing arts and skills and are are growing beyond to create avenues for creative minds to give back to the communities globally. What's your idea? want to join our team? contact us, together we Empathize to Empower.


 In working with various organizations, I realized by creating a self-help model we can reach a self-sustaining lifestyle. Hence, Arts Saving Hearts' mission came alive “EMPOWER”. Empowering people to learn new skills quickly became a theme and we started receiving support from local businesses. Today we are launching multiple fundraising initiatives to help multiple communities locally and globally enabling them to learn new skills, and empowering them to create a self-sustaining lifestyle.

I’m incredibly thankful to our fellow students, professional artists, teachers, and local businesses across several communities for supporting these initiatives; helping every bit to create a self-sustaining lifestyle.

Bilva Vedamurthy

President and founder of

MVHS Student

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